Safety and Insurance

Lawrence Transportation has made the commitment to improving our safety and subsequently our service to our customers. While our rating remains satisfactory with the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, we recognize the importance of ensuring the safety of our drivers and the public. As a result, we have begun new programs to focus on the continued improvement of our safety and equipment within our organization.

Some of those efforts include:

  • One-on-one and group driver counseling
  • Proactive and remedial training for our driver to include:
    • classroom instruction
    • online testing and certification
    • video and interactive presentation
  • A progressive discipline policy that includes monthly audits of individual driver safety and equipment ratings

These efforts have led to a 60 percent improvement in our rating as compared to 2009. Our out-of-service rate is below the national average for drivers and equipment. All areas of our CSA ratings are trending downward as we continue to remain focused on keeping our drivers and passenger vehicles safe on the highways.