Commercial Warehouse

We operate and manage more than 750,000-square feet of warehouse space, which allows us to offer a hassle-free and budget-friendly storage experience for our customers. In fact, we have facilities in Roanoke, Waynesboro and Richmond, VA, as well as Greensboro, NC.

Our warehouses store not only household goods shipments but also allocate space for commercial use. We have operated fulfillment centers for the cosmetic industry and currently serve a major pet food manufacturer as a product distribution center.

Lawrence’s facilities currently hold more than 25 million soda cans, and 41 million can tops for a local beverage manufacturing. Other areas of service include steel and metal, cement manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical, electronics and technical equipment and store-display storage.

Whether you need temporary or long-term needs for storage, Lawrence can accommodate any situation. Please contact Mike Boyer about any of your storage or warehouse needs.